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Our research team’s mission is to provide thought leadership in investment and short list investments that can support our clients’ varying objectives, whether they be income or capital growth or both. We are also cognisant that clients’ appetite for risk varies considerably, so we give considerable thought to the blend of investments for conservative, balanced and more aggressive approaches to investment.

We use a combination of in-house research and leading external research sources to narrow the universe to our core investment recommendations that meet our quality filters. The hallmark of our research process is a disciplined approach to investment, backed by thorough research and a desire to keep looking for investment opportunities that add value to client portfolios.

Our advisers are the interface between our clients and our research recommendations, and take accountability for fine tuning portfolio strategy taking into account each client’s objectives and risk profile.

Diversification across asset types

  • We take a whole of market approach and consider a range of asset types including domestic equities, international equities, fixed income and alternative assets.
  • Diversification brings many benefits, the most important being access to a range of investment opportunities across the globe.
  • Diversification also assists to lower portfolio volatility as volatility in some asset classes may be counter balanced by more defensive characteristics of others.

Global approach

  • Offshore equity markets play an important part in delivering superior long-term portfolio outcomes and supplementing the narrow base of domestic equities which have a heavy concentration in financials and materials.
  • We look for international investment opportunities in areas of structural growth benefitting from rapidly evolving technological trends, increased prevalence of e-commerce and ageing western populations.

Focus on quality, value and growth

  • In selecting investments, we focus on quality and value by short listing companies that have a sustainable competitive advantage, earnings growth, a robust balance sheet and are attractively priced.
  • We avoid companies that have structural or cyclical challenges, are low quality, or whose prices are based on overly optimistic forecasts.

Portfolio construction

  • The key starting point for portfolio design is the asset allocation for a client’s risk profile.
  • We also place emphasis on risk management, via strict limits on weightings to sectors and stocks.
  • We are style agnostic to investment choice, selecting growth and value investments that pass through our investment filters.

Portfolio monitoring

  • Daily monitoring of markets and securities data.
  • Weekly meetings with our advisers.
  • Monthly meeting with our investment committee.
  • Quarterly reporting and investment commentaries for our clients.
  • Advice on corporate actions as they arise (e.g. rights issues, buy backs, roll overs of convertible notes).