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We regard it a great privilege to advise our clients and administer their portfolios. We recognize and deeply appreciate the trust that clients place in us.

Our mission is to work collaboratively with our clients to develop a tailored strategy. We listen carefully to our clients to understand their objectives, we analyse their position and then set about developing a strategy that is optimal for them.

Often our advice will start with a discussion paper to agree the key parameters with clients before the strategy is fully developed.

We regard it as our responsibility to take a leadership role to outline what should be put in place to meet our clients’ objectives, but we also recognize that for a strategy to be embraced by clients, it must be within their risk tolerance and comfort zone. So much fine tuning goes into striking this key balance.

This collaborative and tailored approach to investment, along with a rigorous and independent investment selection process, are the hallmarks of our service.


Comprehensive Advice

This service is ideal if you would like a detailed review of your wealth management strategy, whether you are at an early or mid stage of your career and accumulating capital, or approaching retirement and looking to drawn on capital or income to fund your retirement expenditure.

We will develop a detailed picture of your financial position and objectives, assess your risk profile, review your existing portfolio and map out the investment strategy to support your lifestyle and financial goals. Our modeling will provide you with a projection of your financial position under various investment and expenditure scenarios.

Our investment recommendations will depend on your brief. There are broadly two approaches. You could ask us to design the strategy for the designated pool of funds on a stand alone basis. The merit in this approach is that the portfolio will be well diversified and aligned to your risk profile.

The alternative approach is that you ask us to invest in certain asset classes that are under represented in your portfolio. The merit of this approach is that you control the overall asset allocation and we focus on securities selection in asset classes designated to us.

Limited Advice

In some circumstances, you might prefer to give us a more limited brief. For example, to review specific investments, or develop a strategy for a designated pool of money without considering your total position.

Whilst it helps to have a full picture, in some circumstances, you might just prefer to have specific issues looked at and an interim strategy put into place and come back to the bigger picture later. For example, in the case of impending retirement or redundancy when retirement and ex gratia benefits are being unwound, or funds come through from a sale of a property or business, or divorce, and the immediate priority is to put in place an interim strategy until the dust settles and longer term decisions are thought through.

In all these circumstances, we can respond quickly when the need arises. We encourage our clients to brief us as early as possible as there may be more opportunity to secure better outcomes by starting the planning early.


We offer this service to clients who meet the criteria of a wholesale client, such as foundations, family offices or clients with investable funds greater than $2m.

We work to a specific investment brief that sets out the investment and risk parameters, income requirements and target rate of return. These guidelines are set out in an Investment Policy which forms the basis of our advice and ongoing services.

We typically report quarterly, with a detailed analysis on the portfolio performance and any recommended changes.

Execution Only

We can place share market orders on your behalf through our panel of stock brokers on an execution-only basis.

By law, we cannot provide recommendations where we are acting on an execution only basis and we are obliged to provide you with a no advice disclaimer each time we act on an execution only basis.

As part of this service, we can hold your sharemarket transaction data and provide you with reports on your portfolio as well as on line access to portfolio valuations.


Once your investment portfolio is established,  you have the option to retain us to provide an ongoing advisory and monitoring service.  We recommend this service for continuity of advice. You are free to opt out of this service at any stage at one month’s notice.

As part of this ongoing service, we will continue to oversee your portfolio and recommend changes to reflect changes in market conditions or your circumstances.

We will also keep in touch with you on important developments in the economy and markets, and meet with you at agreed intervals to discuss your portfolio and financial goals and changing circumstances.

You can obtain an update on your portfolio at any stage by logging in through our website. We also  mail out a portfolio report each quarter  which contains a full statement of all transactions and a portfolio valuation together with a  market update and review of key changes in the quarter.